Frequently Asked Questions:

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  • Is this MLM? Yes and No… what I mean is that you do not have to sponsor anyone to get paid, but when you do you can earn more.
  • Is this legal? Yes, as a matter of fact they have top attorneys handling various aspects of their business model so the program will stay in compliance.
  • When do I get paid? Every Single Day!
  • Do I have to sell anything? NO
  • Is this going to take a lot of time to get started? NO, it only takes at most 2 minutes a day to maintain you getting paid daily.
  • How much is it to start? As little as $10
  • Is there going to be training? Absolutely, we have some of the top Internet and Network Marketers leading our team.
  • Do I have to recruit anyone? NO, you don’t have to, but I will tell you just after 1 month of participating you are going to want to share it with the world just because of how exciting this will be for you.


This Is A Proven Business Model & Absolute Perfect Timing

Live Trainings, & Support To Finally Experience The Income & Lifestyle You’ve Been Searching For!

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